Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Leveraging the Power of Youtube

If you’re a small business owner or service professional and you’re not using the power of youtube, then this is for you.

Youtube’s slogan is “broadcast yourself.” Sounds good to me. You can upload any video as long as it fits into their criteria and they host it for you! You can even place it onto your website so they don’t have to go to youtube to view it. Plus, when you upload your video to youtube you have to opportunity to reach millions of people. Just think of all the networking possibilities and new customers you could acquire using youtube.

If you’re not familiar with youtube please visit their about page here:

If you’re not sure how you could use youtube to further your marketing, stay tuned. I’ll be doing an article about it later for some tips. Also, when my new product launches I will go in depth with youtube and also podcasting.

Right now look at an example on how it can fit into your site and also check out to get familiar with it.

Here's an example. This is just a random video I found on youtube of one of my favorite performers. But imagine this being any video YOU produce.


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