Friday, October 20, 2006

Finally, An All-in-One Course To Attract More Business and Clients Than You Thought Possible!

After purchasing and reviewing tons of courses on small business and service professional marketing, I’ve decided that most of the courses are worthless. And the ones that aren’t have great material but it’s not very clear or so full of filler it makes you want to quit right away.

Therefore, as they say: if you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

So, I’m creating my own product how I think it would benefit this niche group. I have gobs of methods and secrets that people can use to increase their business that are so easy but are often overlooked or never done.

I’m going to make this course incredible!

I’m planning on taking complete novices and walking them through the marketing process to create more clients than they can handle. I’ll cover everything from…
  • website design
  • copywriting
  • logos and brand image
  • SEO
  • traffic generation
  • referrals
  • generating endless leads
  • fliers
  • CDs
  • podcasts
  • audio and video web presentations
  • blogs
  • affiliates
…and some more surprises that I’ve discovered but kept secret until now.

I’m going to have books, audio CDs, DVDs, marketing samples, and more to walk you through each process step-by-step to ensure your success.

I’m also going to add secret methods that literally attract money and clients to you. Some of these methods have recently been shown in the DVD The Secret that can be found at I’m going to show you how I’ve used them and how you can super-charge them to attract more clients.

I’m also taking special requests so you can see marketing methods explained that are giving you trouble or confusion.

This course is going to blow you away and has many more secrets to come. I’m also going to limit the amount sold so we keep these methods to only a select few who will benefit greatly from them.

I’ll have a VIP list set-up soon that you can join to be the first to know about this product. You’ll want to get in on this ASAP so as not to miss out on this launch. You will also be added to my marketing email course for free!

More info to come, stay tuned.


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